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     A procedural artist develops formulas and/or templates materials, and will then execute a random or semi-random process to work on those elements. The results will remain somewhat within set limits, but may also be subject to subtle or even startling mutations based on a pseudo-random ideal. Artwork should be self-contained and operate with some degree of autonomy. The algorithms in procedural art may resemble, or rely on, various scientific theories such as Complexity science and Information theory. Systems may exhibit order and/or disorder, as well as a varying degree of complexity, making behavioral prediction difficult. However, such systems still contain a defined relationship between cause and effect.


     In practice, a computer generated realization of procedural art should involve:


     • Procedural Modeling

     • Texture Synthesis

     • Expression Based Animation

     • Algorithmic Flow of Dynamics


     Process transcends all forms and limitations, even the most sublime. The dynamic forms of living artwork developed by process elevate a divine inspiration from both the product of the process and the procedures themselves. Creation of and engagement with procedural art is what keeps me inspired as an artist. The development of animated imagery through concept and equation sparks an energy of life into my work. Everything that physically exists; the entirety of space and time, all forms of matter, energy and momentum, and the physical laws and constants that govern them; it is all part of the great art of process. In this great process of life, I am an artist of the moment, and time is a passing thing as am I.

Particle Art

Procedural Animation

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